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Do you dream of getting away from it all? Puerto Vallarta is your perfect destination for taking an extended holiday in a tropical paradise with swaying palm trees, sun soaked beaches, and a laid-back lifestyle.
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New Entries

4 Great Puerto Vallarta Locations for a Family Reunion to Top All Others

Imagine making new memories while reliving old ones in an environment such as the one PV offers you? Here are four great locations for a family reunion to top all others in Puerto Vallarta.

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Helicopter Booking App saves on travel time in Mexico

A Helicopter booking app, expects to reinvent the ways of traveling in some of the worst traffic in the world: the traffic in Mexico.

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Libraries of PV

Its a great way to learn about the culture of Mexico, and great for any ages. Stop in to one of the local libraries today!

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Fine Jewelry in Puerto Vallarta

The best places to sell and buy jewelry and silver in Puerto Vallarta

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9 Most Romantic Date Night Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

One of the most important moments in the beginning of a relationship is those first few dates. Although it might not seem important, the place where those lovers meet matters a lot in their first impressions of each other

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The Basics

Why Puerto Vallarta?

Find out why Puerto Vallarta should be your next Vacation Destination.

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Where is Puerto Vallarta?

See how chart the placement of our famous tropical paradises.

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Getting Around Puerto Vallarta

Learn more about Puerto Vallarta's location.

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