Our top 10 Puerto Vallarta beaches with no passport required

Puerto Vallarta Beaches

Puerto Vallarta beaches are among the most popular tourist destination on México. This coastal city
used to be a small fishing village and was transformed into popular beach holiday destination on the
1960´s when popular Hollywood celebreties such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton came for a 
visit. Today, the beaches in Puerto Vallarta are dotted with Word-class hotels and resorts, although
what attracts tourists the most is the stunning stretch of powdery-fine wwhite sands in storeline of 
Puerto Vallarta. If you´re heading to this Mexican resort town soon, here´s your Guide to the best
beaches in Puerto Vallarta an the surrounding aera.

Colomitos Beach near Puerto Vallarta

Colomitos is a secluded beach about 10 1/2 miles away from the main square of Puerto Vallarta. it has a
clean sandy beach and crystal clear emerald-colored water. Colomitos is no doubt one of the most
beautiful, if not the best beaches inPuerto Vallarta. There´s also a small creek nearby as well as a waterfall. 

How to get there: There are two ways to get colomitos. If you love adventure, you can hike from the
Boca de Tomatlan. Going this way requires passing though jungles and should take about 30 to 40
minutes. If you don´t want to hike (and who does?), then there´s a water taxi that you can take
from Boca de Tomatlan that goes to Colomitos in about 5 minutes.

Puerto Vallarta Beach: Playa Camarones

Located right in the hotel zone in Puerto Vallarta, Playa Camarones (Shrimp Beach) is another
quiet beach that´s great for families with kids who enjoy swimming and building sandcastles.
This is among the Puerto Vallarta beaches that are knownfor offering a varietyof water sports
activities. Adventure-seeker who want to experience parasailing should head to this beach 
as well. Other activities to enjoy at Playa Camarones are paddleboarding and banna boat excursion.

How to get there:  Playa Camarones is just north of Playa de los Muertos, which is just walking
distance from the town center of Puerto Vallarta.

Las Caletas, A Very Popular PV Beach

This beach is near Puerto Vallarta but is a private beach that is leased out to Vallarta Adventure,
a tour operator. Therefore,you have to get special permission (purchase a ticket) to go here, but I
can tell you taht it is totally worth it. This tour company does a great job getting you here,
entertains you, and gets you back safely!

This is definitely a day trip if you are staying in the area. This is a popular destination for the cruise
ships that come in, but don´t let that hold you back! The isalnd really is big enough that it doesn´t
seem too crowded and there are so many amazing things to do! They have teir own floating island
that you can swim out to, hammocks in the water and along the beach, plus, zip-lining, flyboarding,
and some great food! There are even pink flamingos walking around you can feed! I loved my day
spend here! You must contact Vallarta Adventures to get a ticket and they will tell you hot to get here!

Playa Yelapa Beach Near Puerto Vallarta

Playa Yelapa is definitely one of the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta for a holiday. Situated in 
a beautiful beach community, Playa Yelapa is still barely touched by Puerto Vallarta´s tourism industry.
The coastal village is a bit isolated from the rest of Puerto Vallarta  beaches and can only be accessed 
by taking a boat from Puerto Vallarta bout 45 minutes. Aside from enjoying the gorgeos scenery of Yelapa,
visitors come here to sample the delicious ocal dessert pies from the "pie lady" that sell chocolate,
lemon, and coconut pies aling the beach. 

How to get there: There are no paved roads that go to this isolated community of Yelapa so the only way 
to go here is by taking a boat from teh pier in Los Muertos. The journey should take about 30 minutes.

Playa Los Muertos

Along with Olas Altas, Playa Los Muertos is near the town center of Puerto Vallarta. Los Muertos
means "Deadman´s Beach" and it is named as such because the site is a former cementery.
in fact, excavations done in the area in the 1920´s have reveled some ceramic post with human
bones inside. Although there are several more beautiful of it´s vicinity to Puerto Vallarta. it´s
a great spot to enjoy some activities, such as beach volleyball and banana boat rides.

How to get there: It is south of the Malecon and since the beach is near the downtown are of
Puerto Vallarta (The Romantic Zone or Old Vallarta), getting here is easy. in fact, it´s only walking 
distance away depending on where you´re coming from in Old Vallarta. Otherwise, you can take
an Uber to get there. The beach is called Olas Altas Beach and from Venustiano Carranza to 
the south it´s called Los Muertos Beach. It is south of the Cuale River, Between the river and 
Venustiano Carranza.

Playa Las Gemelas

Playa Las Gemelas is another great option for those who prefer to swim in one of the
more remote and secluded Puerto Vallarta beaches. Feature majestic stretches of
sand that faces the clear turquoise wather, Las Gemelas is definitely the perfect beach
destination for relaxation.

How to get there: Take an Uber or a Lyft and head South. Get off al Playa Las Gemelas.
Then take the narrow stairs downwards towards the beach.

Playa Las Animas

Playa Las Animas is a 2-mile stretch of beautiful beach lining a small cove at the south
of Boca de Tomatlan. Having a wide and spacious shoreline, yhis place is another one of
the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta for sunbathers. With crystal clear and shallow water,
Las Animas is also a great beach for families with small kids. 

How to get there: Visitors coming from Puerto Vallarta can get to Playa Las Animas by
taking a water taxi from the pierof los Muertos. If you´re coming from Boca de Tomatlan ,
you can simply hail a taxi going to the beach, which is only a 15-minute ride.

Playa Palmares Beach: A Stunning Puerto Vallarta Beach

Playa Palmares is one of the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta known for it´s long and narrow
stretch of white powdery sand.  It´s a favorite among locals for swimming since it´s located
far from the rivers and therefore has stunning crystal-clear waer all year round. This beach
is also a bit secluded, and therefore, it´s quiet and a perfect place to relax an unwind.

How to get there: Getting to the Playa Palmares is easy. Just take the bus bound to Playa
Palmares Condominiums. You can then walk through the narrow stairs leading to the beach.

Secluded Conchas Chinas in Puerto Vallarta

If you want to enjoy the stunning Puerto Vallarta beaches away from the crowd, head on over
to Conchas Chinas. These are three small charming beaches tucked away in a secluded area
surrounded by hills. There no party bars playing loud music and no noisy crowd of beachgoers! 
I would say that is paradise! This is also the beach where the Hyatt Ziva All-Inclusive Resort is 
located near.

How to get there: It does require some effort to get to this beach. You need to take a long
walk from the downtown of Puerto Vallarta towards the south until you reach some stairs made
of rock. Climb up the stairs that go to Conchas Chinas. You can also hail an Uber and go south
and after a little more than a mile drive, you´ll reach the rock stairs taht go to the Conchas Chinas.

Playa Mismaloya

Playa Mismaloya is just 2 1/2 miles away from the Playa Las Gemelas and this is another iconic
beach in Puerto Vallarta that is worth a visit. It´s famously associated with Elizabet Taylor and
Richard Burton because this is where their film The Night of the Iguana was filmed i 1964. Just like
Las Gemelas, the Palya Mismaloya is also close to the famous snorkeling spots of Puerto Vallarta.

How to get there: From the central area of Puerto Vallarta, hail an Uber or a Lyft and get off at
Mismaloya just close to the Hotel Barceló Puerto Vallarta.