June 28, 2021
Believe it or not, the history of Puerto Vallarta dates back more than 2,600 years. This is demonstrated by the investigations carried out by archaeologist  Joseph B. Mountjoy from the University of Carolina, who affirmed—after conducting a Carbon 14 dating test on a clay pot found in 1991—that the earliest inhabitants in the region date back to a period between 580 and 320 BC. But it was until May 31st, 1918, that the Jalisco State Congress decreed that Las Peñas commissariat would be elevated to a municipality, changing its name to Puerto Vallarta. In 1968, this place began to develop its infrastructure and the air and land connection was more evident, so it was named the City of Puerto Vallarta.

May 31st, our beautiful city commemorated its 103rd anniversary as a municipality and the 53rd anniversary as a city. To celebrate it, the Puerto Vallarta Malecón served as the setting for an afternoon-evening anniversary event that included a charro performance, as well as regional dances, live mariachi music and, of course, a fireworks display. In the morning, a ceremony was held in the former Municipality City Hall to commemorate the greatness of the Vallarta people who laid the foundations for the construction of this port, as well as those with their heroic acts and in the service of others have left a mark on the current history of this destination.

Similarly, the different public health institutions that have faced the health contingency were recognized and a posthumous tribute was also made to César Chávez for his heroic action to save a little girl who was drowning in Olas Altas beach. With this series of activities, Puerto Vallarta celebrated one more year of history and demonstrates its consolidation as a paradise that continues to be highly attractive both visitors and residents.