Royal Caribbean cruises will arrive in Vallarta next November


The Royal Caribbean cruise company announced that, starting in November, they will launch a new route from Los Angeles, California and arriving in Puerto Vallarta , passing through various ports in the United States and Mexico.


The new route will have options on board of three, four and up to eight nights and it is the latter that arrives at the Jalisco beach destination, reported Alberto Muñoz, Royal Caribbean vice president for Latin America.

It passes through Los Cabos, Ensenada, Mazatlán and arrives in Puerto Vallarta, it is a new route that has been very well accepted by the North American market, specifically California, but it has also generated a lot of interest in Mexico and in South American countries, such as Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia ”.

The shipping company had a presence several years ago with tours in Puerto Vallarta and in this relaunch in the midst of the pandemic, it ensures that it has all the health security measures in place to prevent Covid-19 infections, as well as promotions that can be found if contracted. the cruise in advance.

“The cruise gives you the facility to know several destinations without having to be packing and unpacking and you have different options to eat, some casual, others more formal, options to eat in the pool; you have a show included every night, which can be Broadway, ice skating, comedians, music ”.

He added that, on the new route from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta, you can find experiences such as watching whales or dolphins pass in the Pacific from a distance.