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Do you dream of getting away from it all? Puerto Vallarta is your perfect destination for taking an extended holiday in a tropical paradise with swaying palm trees, sun soaked beaches, and a laid-back lifestyle.
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New Entries

How to get Mail Service in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

In most parts of Mexico, there is no official mail delivery service to your door. But there are still ways to get packages mailed to you.

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Hospital & Emergency Info for Expats & Locals in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has many medical centers available for traveling expats & locals alike, with trusted Doctors & medical staff to help you get back to your vacation.

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Tips for using Public Transportation in Puerto Vallarta

There are some of the many ways to get around at a low rate with typically good, safe service in Puerto Vallarta.

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3 Best Places to Celebrate Valentines Day in Puerto Vallarta

Thanks to our dreamy beaches, exquisite restaurant choices & dazzling entertainment offered on every corner, Puerto Vallarta has become one of the most romantic destinations for couples in the world.

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Carnaval 2018 Puerto Vallarta

New Orleans put Mardi gras on the map & is celebrated in many cities around the world, but Puerto Vallarta brings this celebration to a whole new level!

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The Basics

Why Puerto Vallarta?

Find out why Puerto Vallarta should be your next Vacation Destination.

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Where is Puerto Vallarta?

See how chart the placement of our famous tropical paradises.

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Getting Around Puerto Vallarta

Learn more about Puerto Vallarta's location.

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