Why Use a Rental Agent in Puerto Vallarta?

Benefits of a Trial Rental in Puerto Vallarta

When looking for a place to call your very own down in beautiful coastal Mexico, a rental agent can be your best friend in navigating the process. Rental agents are experts in the local real estate market, representing reliable resources for incoming visitors considering a stay at properties in the area, and taking advantage of what they offer could make finding your way home in Puerto Vallarta much easierand even save you money along the way!

Insider Information

Mexico is a country that deals largely in person-to-person transactions, and most online listings will show only highly overpriced properties that can command a substantial premium simply for the convenience of being available for viewing on the Internet. Rental agents have a broad base of knowledge on properties in the area, and can not only provide access to property listings that more closely reflect local market values, they can also show you properties that are not listed online to offer you the greatest range of choices.

The typical Mexican rental property can also differ significantly from apartments and condos more commonplace in the United States and Canada. Some properties in the area lack deluxe amenities such as full kitchens and hot water flow in the kitchen and/or bathroom. Others are powered by natural gas, and these properties present their own concerns. Unfurnished properties may even be without basic furniture, appliances and installations such as refrigerators, bathroom mirrors and kitchen cabinets, and a rental agent can help you identify your needs and find the perfect property for you.

Negotiation Assistance

Almost everything is up for negotiation in Puerto Vallarta, and that includes rates for many rental properties. A rental agent can combine his skills in mediation with his knowledge of average property values in your colonia of choice to get a more preferable rate from a flexible property owner. This authority in the local marketplace often affords rental agents much greater leeway for negotiation than with individuals who attempt to negotiate themselves, potentially saving you thousands of dollars on a rental of 6 months or more.

Streamlined Inquiries

Streamlined Inquiries For many travelers, finding a home in a new area is a protracted process involving extensive investigation. Incoming visitors can spend weeks or months wandering around local neighborhoods and pumping area residents for information, and during this period your cost of living can be much higher as you stay in hotels and other tourist accommodations as well as eating the majority of your meals in bars, restaurants and the streets of Puerto Vallarta. A rental agent can make this a much more painless process, working to learn what you consider an ideal neighborhood and showing you suitable properties within it, and the money you save over scouring the streets for a hot tip can be used for home dcor.

Owner Verification

Property owners in good standing must maintain all the proper maintenance on the property as well as satisfying any property taxes, or risk exposing their tenants to sudden seizures and other sanctions from local government. Ownership of the property must also be verified in order to receive some utility services such as electricity and gas replacement. A rental agent will always verify the ownership of a property, performing background checks and financial inquiries to ensure the property is fully legal for a new tenant to take up residence

Rental Contract Supervision

Rental Contract Supervision Rental contracts in Mexico can be significantly different from those in the rest of the world, and it is important to understand how the local laws and ordinances affect you, particularly in the case of unfurnished apartments or planned improvement projects. Rental agents can carefully examine these contracts and provide vital information about any clauses that could potentially impact your use of the property. A rental agent may also be able to talk to a property owner to determine if there is any flexibility on a particularly difficult clause.

Avoiding The Fiador

Mexicos rental laws can be tricky to navigate, especially for property owners who must deal with international interest as well as local inquiries. In many places in Mexico as well as some properties in Puerto Vallarta, a property owner will request that a prospective tenant have a co-signer known as a fiador in order to activate the contract. According to Mexican law, the fiador must live in the same city as the applicant, and typically must own property in the area free and clear. This requirement can be problematic for newcomers to the area, and a rental agent can often eliminate the need for a fiador through their established relationship with the property owner.

Although rental agents simply serve as a mediator between renter and property owner, making use of one offers an array of tangible benefits. Not only do rental agents expedite the process of finding a property and provide indispensable information about individual listings, they can also help you get the best possible deal on a rental in Puerto Vallarta, making them a valuable source of assistance for visitors considering making their long term home in the Banderas Bay area.

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