Popular Spanish phrases for traveling to Mexico

Tue Sep/25th/2018.

Formally a small fishing village, Puerto Vallarta is now a popular resort destination offering a wide variety of water sports, waterfall hikes, night life and family fun for everyone.

When preparing for a trip to Mexico it's best to know a few of the common phrases and terms to be able to communicate with the locals and easily navigate your way around the country.

Here are a few of the most popular phrases to know when traveling to Mexico:


Yes: Si
No: No
Please: Por Favor
Thank you: Gracias
You're Welcome: De Nada
No Thank You: No Gracias
Sorry: Perdon
What is your name: Como se llama?
My name is: Mi nombre es


Do you speak English: Habla ingles?
Do you understand me: Me entiende?
I don't speak Spanish: No hablo espanol
Please speak slowly: Hable despacio por favor
I don't understand: No entiendo
What does it mean: Que significa eso?


Where is/are: Donde esta?/estan?
When: Cuando?
Who: Quien?
Why: Por que?
What: Que?
How much is it/are those: Cuanto es/son?
How far: Que distancia hay?
I want/would like: Quiero
What is the matter: Que pasa?
Can you help me: puede usted ayudarme?
Can you show me: puede usted ensenarme?
Can you tell me: puede decirme?

Useful Statements

I (don't) like it: (No) me gusta
I'm not sure: No estoy seguro
I don't know: No se
I think so: Creo que si
I'm hungry/thristy: Tengo hambre/sed
I'm tired: Estoy Cansando
I'm ready: Estoy Listo
Leave me alone: Dejame solo por favor
Just one minute: Un minuto por favor
One moment: Un momento por favor
Come in: Adelante
It's cheap/expensive: Es barato/caro
It's cold/hot: Hace frio/calor
It's too much: Es demasiado
That's all: Es todo
Thank you for your help: Gracias por tu ayuda
Taxi Please: Taxi por favor


Good morning/good day: Buenos dias
Good afternoon: Buenas tardes
Good night: Buenas noches
Goodbye: Adios
Hello: Hola
How are you: Como estas?
Very well, thank you: Muy bien, Gracias
See you soon: Hasta Luego
It's ok: Esta bien
Don't worry: No se preocupe


Before/After: Antes/Despues
Early/Late: Temprano/Tarde
First/Last: Primero/Ultimo
Here/There: Aqui/Ahi
Now/Then: Ahora/Entonces
Large/Small: Grande/Pequeno
Empty/Full: Vacio/Lleno
Many/Few: Muchos/pocos
More/Less: Mas/Menos
Beautiful/Ugly: Bonito/Feo
Better/Worse: Mejor/Peor
Clean/Dirty: Limpio/Sucio
Cold/Hot: Frio/Caliente
Free/Taken: Libre/Ocupado
Open/Closed: Abierto/Cerrado

Going to a Restaurant

I've reserved a table: Reserve una mesa
Do you have a table available: Hay una mesa libre?
Waiter/Waitress: Mesero/Mesera
May I have the menu: El menu por favor
May I have the wine list: La lista de vinos
I'd like...: Quiero
A little more: Un poco mas
What would you like to drink: Que desea beber?
This is bad: No esta bueno
One beer please: Una cerveza por favor
A glass of water: Un vaso de aqua
Ice: Heilo
The bill please: La cuenta por favor
Cheers: Salud
Breakfast: El desayuno
Lunch: El Almuerzo/La Comida
Dinner: La Cena

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