4 Reasons you need a beach vacation in Puerto Vallarta

Fri. Feb/15th/2019.

Sites to visit Puerto Vallarta

Vacation and Holidays are the time of year everyone wishes for. Why? Because the experiences you gain can be greatly pleasurable, but this depends solely on your vacation destination choice.

Choosing a lovely vacation site aids a lot of things and you will never be disappointed if you decide to have some of your Christmas time in the wonderful Puerto Vallarta beach town.

This beautiful beach town provides all the amenities needed to have the best time while staying here. The restaurants there are second to none, and vacation rentals serve all class.

This site was first brought in to the public via Ava Gardner and Richard Burton’s famous film (Night of the Iguana) in the year 1964.

The beach has gained more fame through the years and right now; over one million people from different locations visit this site for the best entertainments and sports activities.

Do you still wonder why you should visit this beach instead of other beaches, then check the lists of some beautiful and beautiful things about this place:


1. Puerto Vallarta’s Vacation Rentals

If you intend to visit Vallarta beach and you are stressing yourself over where you will lay your head, then need to services we offer here at Vistalegre Vacation Rentals. The site provides different kinds of villas and rentals of varying class depending on your interest. The properties also possess good and responsible workers to help you with anything you need.

Sites to visit - Historical Museum


2. Cuisine

I don’t think you can ever have the best Mexican dish as the ones on the beach. You get all kinds of Mexican foods, be it local dishes in the state or the famous cuisine in the whole country. You will also fall in love with the spicy meat stew and the meat corn soup that is essential to the Mexican diet.

3. The beach-

You must have been to many beaches around the world, but the view of Vallarta will surely leave your mouth widely opened. There are more than forty public sub-beaches on the site, and each has its cute characteristics. Dream of anything you want in a dream, you will surely get them on either the northern or the southern part of the site.

Sites to visit - Rio Cuale Museum


4. The weather and night powerful flash-

Unlike other beaches, Vallarta gives the most moderate climatic condition of all times. The site offers up a sub-tropical climate very similar to that of Hawaii. During the winter, you will have the right to enjoy some lovely temperatures averaging around 26 C, and during summer, the temperature is around 32C. At night, get out and experience the powerful lightning striking across the mountains — what a fantastic view.

Sites to visit - Rio Cuale Museum


5. Great dolphins

Vallarta dolphins are amazing; you can swim very close to them without posing any threat on you. They are friendly and ready to put a smile on your face with their plays.

If you think all the listed points and more are what you look for in a beach, why hesitate. Spend this coming holiday with different types of people across the world in this beautiful place. Trust me, and you won’t regret it.



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