How are Puerto Vallartas Beaches?

Mexico is known the world over for the beautiful beaches along each of its coasts, and Puerto Vallarta as well as the larger Banderas Bay area is particularly appealing. This diverse destination offers verdant jungle vistas and majestic mountain panoramas along with the spectacular shorelines that keep visitors coming back year after year, but many tourists find themselves concerned with safety and cleanliness standards abroad. Puerto Vallarta's beaches benefit from a range of protective practices that assure any arriving visitor of a splendid stay in the sun.

How clean are Puerto Vallarta's Beaches?

As a result of inadequate regulations around the world, the cleanliness of beaches globally is often called into question, and Puerto Vallarta's beaches are no exception. Fortunately, many nations are being proactive in their approach to protecting the environmental health of their coastlines, and that includes Mexico's beach certification program.

Overseen by a governing body known as the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, this certification program sets forth clear, defined and stringent guidelines for cleanliness regarding the country's sandy shores. It includes standards for environmental factors, human health impact, general safety and quality of services, helping to ensure an inviting arrival for visitors to these tropical utopias.

The federal Clean Beaches program conducted over 2,000 multiple-sample tests nationwide, and Mexico has beaches around the country that are certified clean according to the standards of the Ministry. These standards include an extreme focus on water quality, and indeed 97.7 percent of Mexico's 264 swimming beaches were certified for their water quality. Just six beaches in the entire country were found to be in violation of these standards for water cleanliness, none of them within hours of Puerto Vallarta.


Local Preservation

Puerto Vallarta treasures its beaches, and so a strong local focus is placed on protecting their cleanliness and quality. Boasting shimmering azure waters, an array of amenities and a limitless supply of Pacific Coast sunshine, Puerto Vallarta can be an ideal backdrop for the days of both visitors and locals to unfold. On the beaches, the foaming surf plays with soft, soothing sands as handcrafted products are constructed by local artisans nearby, and none of this would be possible if not for the concerted efforts of local government to safeguard their integrity.

Litter is not only an unsightly issue, it can also lead to a range of health and safety concerns. ne of the most visible efforts to improve the visitor experience came in the form of the citywide beach cleanup program enacted recently. As part of this ongoing efforts, 5 tons of trash and debris were removed from local beaches as well as from public entrances to ensure a litter free arrival for all beachgoers. The program also included the installation of additional trash cans near high traffic areas to encourage the proper disposal of unwanted items.

This has contributed to a strong local attitude toward maintaining clean beaches, and local residents as well as employees at nearby establishments join visitors in a community effort. In fact, it is common practice to bring a bag to the beach specifically to remove any trash you may create as well as nearby sanitary refuse. Participating in this effort during your visit is an easy way to show the proper respect to such a welcoming environment.


How safe are Puerto Vallarta's Beaches?

Regarding safety, lifeguards vigilantly patrol the city's sands both on foot and on ATV to quickly respond to any call. There are also marked security zones to limit swimmer exposure to atmospheric elements such as rip currents and sudden depth changes. With an array of visitor services standing ready to assist travelers in need and a dedicated tourist police force ensuring the safety of beachgoers, the effort by city officials to offer peace of mind to enthusiasts of its local beaches and attractions is on par with any in the world.

Ensconced by four of the world's oceans, Mexico is home to approximately 450 scenic beaches. Puerto Vallarta is home to some of the country's most stunning seaside locales, and thanks to dedicated efforts at both the federal and local levels, they are also some of the cleanest and safest.


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