Festive February Fun in Puerto Vallarta

Festive February Fun in Puerto Vallarta

February is an active time for the local community, representing the early beginnings of the new festive season after a short break in the celebration in late January. From the national holiday observing the Mexican Constitution on February 5 through the end of this short but spectacular month and every fiesta in between, a fantastic February in the Banderas Bay can be fun for the whole family.

Festival Sayulita: Feb/01/17 - Feb/05/17

Just shy of an hour north of downtown Puerto Vallarta lies the tiny surf and fishing village of Sayulita, unique among coastal towns in the area for its distinct bohemian flair. The hotspot for enthusiasts of all stripes invites visitors from across the Banderas Bay and around the world to discover the irresistible charm of this tiny town with its yearly Festival Sayulita event.

Festival Sayulita is a celebration of the area's proudly individualistic nature, cranking up the appeal of the laid back locale with movies and special presentations shown on large screens situated on scenic local shores. The festival will also bring dozens of food, drink and craft vendors to the area as well as contests, physical activities, and a multi-act concert showcasing local and national talent.

Art is another important part of the local community, and the creative community is another star of the show at Festival Sayulita. Visual installations planned for the event include SayuArte, a fine art event to be held in the city's main square that features only original events. General admission to the festival is free, and this multi-faceted celebration of life at its finest is well worth the trip to neighboring Nayarit.


Dia De Amistad: Feb/14/17

After the parades and ceremonies honoring the Mexican Constitution taking place on the first week of the month, the first major national holiday of February is known as Dia de Amistad. Similarly to Valentine's Day as celebrated elsewhere in North America, this holiday celebrates love and affection between romantic partners, but pays special attention to platonic relationships as well, giving it its' name, “Friendship Day.” Nevertheless, February 14th in the Puerto Vallarta area is a busy time for couples celebrating their connection with a night on the town, and so visitors may have a special need for reservations at popular establishments on this day.

National Charro Championship: Feb/01/17 - Feb/05/17

“Charro,” the sport of rodeo which enjoys a traditionally high profile in Mexican society, is especially significant in the Puerto Vallarta area. The city by the sea is the scene of the yearly National Championships in the exhibition series, pitting dozens of the country's top rodeo teams against each other in a thrilling test of wits and skill.

The centuries-old tradition behind this time-honored competition combines teamwork, training, musical accompaniment and elite horsemanship together for symbolic celebrations of Mexican culture in the form of skillful stunts. Nearly 1 million pesos will be on the line in this championship event, reflecting its status as one of the most anticipated local sporting events of the year. Entrance fees to this special event start at less than $5 USD.


Mexican Flag Day: Feb/24/17

The honored tricolor banner that unfurls over houses of government as well as proud national patriots from across the country is celebrated by area residents on February 24th of each year. The flag of Mexico has a special significance in the country's history, with its crest serving as a depiction of an ancient prophecy held by legend to have led directly to the founding of the nation's capital, Mexico City. Mexican nationals celebrate their intense pride in their heritage and people in Puerto Vallarta with colorful street parties, inclusive gatherings, and traditional cuisine.

Banderas Bay Regatta: Feb/28/17 - Mar/05/17

A plethora of sails bloom in the bay as the annual series of boat races lays claim to the wafting breezes and reliable conditions common in the area at this time of year on this stretch of the Mexican coast. The entire shoreline framing the city offers a prime vantage point for watching these skilled sailors compete for cash prizes and bragging rights in this prestigious tournament.

Carnival PV: Feb/28/17

The festive season that spans spring break and leads through Mardi Gras to the summer kicks into high gear with this energetic celebration of diversity and flair. As part of Carnival PV, dozens of floats and countless participants will parade up the scenic Malecon boardwalk separating the heart of the city from the beaches of the Pacific Coast in a dazzling display, putting their most vibrant colors on display to the delight of locals and visitors alike.

February may be the shortest month of the year, but that certainly doesn't stop it from being ripe with exciting entertainment options on a weekly basis. If you're lucky enough to find yourself in the Banderas Bay area during the month of February, there's no shortage of quality events to enjoy during your time in this Pacific Coast paradise.


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