6 Entrepreneurial Ideas for Expats in Puerto Vallarta

Fri Sep/21th/2018.

Here's a quick rundown of a few can't-lose business opportunities waiting for you to sink your entrepreneurial teeth into.

1. Vacation Rental Property

Vacation rental income is what everyone wants. Why? It's simple. Most investors already know a thing or two about vacations as opposed to running a new restaurant. Virtually all real estate listings whether a condo or home can be rented out with relative ease.

2. Flipping Properties, Condo Pre-sale Speculation

Everyone wants into the real estate game, and flipping a property is a sure and easy bet. You get in, improve, get out (or rent, etc). And while it appears there aren't many of these properties listed these days, they're out there.

And if speculating is more your style, there are many new condo development units suited to buying and holding until you get the keys. Real estate data proves that you're bound to make money on your investment.

3. B&B, Yoga Retreat, Spa, Corporate Getaway

What's interesting about these business ideas is they can be launched in less-obvious location choices, those in outlying areas. And there's a good reason as a spa retreat or getaway, the point is just that: to get away. You don't need to launch in expensive, downtown locations.

4. Dental Practice, Professional Service

The expat population is growing, and so too are the needs for professional services. Ask anyone who is a member of the various expat Facebook pages and you'll hear about daily inquiries for professional services of all descriptions.

All it needs is your expertise.

5. Restaurant, Boutique Hotel

Food entrepreneurs recognize a sure bet on investing in food services people gotta eat!

Food is a basic necessity. And for real foodies, exploring new places is routine. They expect new food choices and that spells opportunity.

6. Build it and they will Come: Golf Course, Ranch, Resort

Make no mistake, tourism is on the rise in Banderas Bay and it's only going to grow. The stats bear this out.

If Bill Gates had the foresight to turn his gaze and money away from computers for a moment and onto Punta Mita (he is majority shareholder of Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita and the neighbouring development property) then others may want to follow his lead.

Just south of Sayulita, on the road to Punta Mita, it's an oceanside parcel of land waiting for a golf resort with condos, homes, villas or apartments. And the oceanfront could be made into a beach club for the owners.

You can come to Mexico with a dream and make that dream a reality. Anything is possible in Puerto Vallarta.

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