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Digestive issues caused by ingestion of water from non-potable sources can significantly impact your enjoyment of your trip abroad, and so many prospective visitors find themselves concerned with the quality of drinking water in Puerto Vallarta. The city takes a focus on promoting memorable and positive experiences for travelers, and so a significant effort is placed into ensuring their peace of mind with adequate access to clean water.

Puerto Vallarta Municipal Water

Puerto Vallarta Municipal WaterThanks to a dedicated effort at the local level, Puerto Vallarta is nearly peerless in its water quality when compared to other destinations in the country and around the world. The local government of Puerto Vallarta has invested millions into upgrading their water treatment facilities in recent years and holds the quality of its drinking supply to international standards. In fact, the city's municipal water supply, like that of all major cities nationwide, is evaluated at the processing plant for its quality on a yearly basis.

Not only has Puerto Vallarta's water been rated as perfectly safe for human consumption with a certificate of purity for 17 consecutive years, it is one of only two vacation destinations in the country to achieve this important distinction. Moreover, the city is well known for its attention to the quality of drinking water as a part of local culture, and major hotels and other accommodations often have their own dedicated filtration systems on top of the municipal filtration system.



Microdyn The exceptional drinking water quality in Puerto Vallarta also makes it easy to safely prepare foods and water-dependent treats such as home style frozen paletas, but local restaurants and other establishments take further steps to protect the health of visitors by cleaning fruits and vegetables before use with a specially developed compound known as Microdyne. Microdyne is added to water and used to cleanse produce of foreign bacteria, and can also be used to purify drinking water in locations outside the city which do not benefit from its advanced filtration resources.


Bottled Water

Bottle Water Visitors who have become accustomed to drinking bottled water at home will be happy to find they can do the same in Puerto Vallarta. Thanks to its popularity elsewhere in the country, bottled water is another popular local solution to the availability of drinkable water. Bottles of water are commonly sold in half-liter, liter, 1.5 liter and 2 liter sizes to quench a thirst of any severity, and are nearly ubiquitous in their availability. Longer term visitors will likely find themselves familiar with the larger 20 liter jugs intended for use in homes, restaurants and businesses. Despite their size, these bottles usually cost less than 3 USD each after an initial deposit and can be thereafter exchanged when empty for a nominal fee.

Staying Safe

Satying Safe Many visitors who suffer digestive troubles during their visit to Puerto Vallarta could have easily avoided their difficulty with the proper practices. Frequent washing of hands is always recommended, but it is particularly important during a visit abroad because while humans can, do and must adapt to bacteria present in their home countries, foreign bacteria can have outsized effects on an unprepared immune system.

Enjoying the city's extensive range of food carts also requires a basic level of care. Watch for general cleanliness and good hygiene practices, such as the presence of a sink or hand sanitizer and separate personnel for cooking and handling money. Tourists who find themselves unduly concerned with foodborne contaminants can try squeezing a bit of fresh lemon or lime over their food, which adds a fresh, tangy flavor to an array of dishes as well as being a natural purifier.

Another common root cause of digestive concerns is overindulgence in alcohol, particularly when combined with your body's adjustment to a new cuisine. Visitors with sensitive constitutions should be careful to consider this when enjoying a fun stay in this coastal paradise. Ice cubes, locally made beverages and other products are all made with purified water in reputable establishments, but if you have any questions about the quality of drinking water be sure to ask the manager about water usage.

Thanks to a concerted effort at both the federal and local levels, Puerto Vallarta benefits from some of the cleanest and most drinkable municipal supplies in the country as well as a local focus on high water quality. This means visitors can enjoy a cool, refreshing drink or discover the range of handcrafted products made using the water supply in the area with the utmost confidence.


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