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Fri. Mar/15th/2019.

7 Landsmark

There is a lot to say when it comes to talking about Puerto Vallarta, one of the most popular tourist places in the entire world. Although it is a small place, it offers a lot to those who come to visit it, and there are hundreds of activities you can take part in while staying in here so you will never get bored.

1. El Malecón (Malecón Boardwalk)

7 landmarks - Beach Situated on Paseo Diaz Ordaz Street, Puerto Vallarta is a very famous local landmark, alongside the beachfront which offers incredible views while crossing Banderas Bay. The boardwalk is a remarkable place during the sunset when you have the opportunity to be surrounded by beautiful colors. There are dozens of restaurants that can serve your dinner, all near of the Malecón that offer tasteful meals at reasonable prices.

2. Casa Kimberley

Casa Kimberley Is known as being one of the most visited landmarks in Puerto Vallarta and was brought by Richard Burton in 1960. Although now this house is the personal property of an American family, the doors of the house are opened for the public in order to show them a part of the local tradition. A big part from the furniture it has been kept in great condition for a couple of years, the fact that impresses the tourists every year. The best part of the house is a pink bathroom hearth-shaped which was specially set for Elizabeth Taylor. The building is now considered as being a museum but it also has spare rooms for those who really want to take their trip in serious and find out more about Mexican culture.

3. La Iglesia De Nuestra Señora De Guadalupe (Cathedral Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe)

This is the biggest cathedral in the entire town dedicated to of Our Lady of Guadalupe (La Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe) is situated in the heart of the city and became a much-loved landmark, Being embraced by the community. You can also find here a street dedicated to pedestrians full of shops toward the cathedral's entrance, that impresses by it huge grand bell, topped with a crown which has been dislodged during the earthquake in 1995.


7 landmarks - Beach A wonderful place where you can go for a trip in order to see how does a small fishing town in Puerto Vallarta. This landmark has become more and more popular during the years after people started to admire its views and simplicity. If you have enough spare time try going by bus and spend some quality time fishing or swimming in a quiet place full of joy.

Ass the local villagers recommend to spend your Thursdays evening at Bucerías Art Walk, a place with thousands of art galleries and boutiques. Moreover, there are amazing restaurants that are situated on the beach; you will surely interest in visiting and trying.


5. Playa Los Muertos

7 landmarks - Ocean One of the most popular beaches in the entire Puerto Vallarta is named Playa Los Muertos (Dead Man's Beach), a place where you have the chance of trying jet ski, windsurf or even parasail after trying some tasteful meals at the near restaurants.

There are also activities for the sports lovers: you can play volley-ball on the beach all day which is less expensive than doing some watersports.

As the accommodation near the beach usually has a friendly attitude to all the gay people, Playa Los Muertos is considered the most admired place by the LGBT community.


6. Isla Río Cuale

7 landmarks - River Isla Río Cuale It might be a mystery to all the visitors of the town. If there is the first time when you want to visit this place, then you have to know that it is not so easy to be found as it might seem from the beginning. In fact, Isla Río Cuale is almost in the center of the city but is actually an island. If you want to see it you simply have to walk south from El Malecon until you eventually reach a bridge that is over a river and you'll find it soon. Some travelers say that this place has expensive prices but everything is exactly as in the rest of the town.

7. Zona Romantica

7 landmarks - Town This wonderful neighborhood from the south area is exactly as a simple village near the seaside, which is the perfect place for those tourists who are only looking for joy, not for expensive things. This place is also recognized as being the center of the gay community in Puerto Vallarta so it has a lot of beaches and restaurants designed for the LGBTQ people.

If you are a tourist and you want to visit the town then you have to know that this place is also known by the villagers as Old Vallarta or Old Town.



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