4 Great Puerto Vallarta Locations for a Family Reunion to Top All Others

Thur. April/4th/2019.

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I believe that there is no worse feeling than the feeling you get when you start missing your family. You start thinking of the good times you had and it will begin to dawn on you that you need to spend more time together. You can take advantage of the holidays and head to Puerto Vallarta for that much-needed family reunion.

Imagine making new memories while reliving old ones in an environment such as the one PV offers you? Nothing beats that.

Here are four great locations for a family reunion to top all others in Puerto Vallarta.

1. Villa Marbella

Great locations - Villa This VIP Villa is ideal for this purpose. The rooms are designed to ensure comfort, and they also feature a family room. In addition to this, you get a breathtaking view of the ocean. You and your family will enjoy watching the sunset while reminiscing about the good times you had as a family. You can enjoy fun family activities like swimming or even taking long beach walks.

2. Villa Verde

Great locations - Puerto Vallarta This VIP Villa is located just a few minutes away from the “El Malecón” broad walk is yet another ideal establishment for that family reunion you are planning. This condominium offers family-oriented activities during the day and night.

3. Casa Aventura

Great locations - Casa This establishment located in Banderas Bay is unique due to its contemporary Mexican architecture. The establishment offers beautiful sceneries steps away from the beach in Mismaloya. You have a clear view of the Sierra Madre mountains and one breathtaking beach with a view of the ocean that will make you extend the family reunion.

4.Casa Papelillos

Great locations - ocean Casa Papelillos is one of the most stunning VIP Villas in the area. The Villa is located near Mismaloya beach just south of Puerto Vallarta and is one of the best in Mexico. You are served a view of the Sierra Madre Mountains and a fantastic view of the ocean. The villa offers a pool and a gorgeous compound with flowers tropical trees growing around the establishment.

Do not pass on the chance of taking your family on an unforgettable bonding trip. Visit Puerto Vallarta and rest assured you will not regret that decision; you may even make it your official family vacay destination.


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