3 Best Sunset Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

Thur. Mar/28th/2019.


Puerto Vallarta is famous for all its beauty and especially for the spectacular views from various vantage points in the city. Now imagine enjoying your evening at an establishment with your loved ones as you watch the sunset....PV offers you that luxury.

There are several sunset restaurants in Puerto Vallarta for you to chose from. However, there are some that are unique to PV and that offer you views and services that can be considered better than the rest.

Here is a list of some of the best sunset restaurants in Puerto Vallarta.

1. Bar Oceano

Sunset - Sunset If you are looking for cheap but delicious margaritas after a walk of the Malecon, then this is the place you should visit. This restaurant has magnificent, sweeping views of the ocean making it an ideal location for anyone wishing to witness a breathtaking Puerto Vallarta sunset. With an open-air dining room, you will experience the warm breeze while you sip on margaritas that are priced at less than a dollar. Once there, you may also look at the food they have on offer and try some as you enjoy the views.

2. Monkey Bar

Sunset - Restaurant The Monkey Bar is another of Puerto Vallarta's favorite sunset bars. And as the classification suggests, you will be treated to a spectacle every evening by nature. Watch as the sun sets as you sip on some cold beers and several other drinks on the menu. Not only that you have an extraordinary view of the Malecon as the bar offers you a vantage point. You can Choose some common delicacies available on the menu. You may even decide to have a birthday there, and the management will make sure you have the best experience. Drinks are priced for as low as $1.

3. Residencies Sky Bar

Sunset - ocean The first thing you will notice when you visit the Residence sky bar is the bar and pool area. Not only that, you get panoramic views of the bay area and the sunset. They offer a variety of drinks and food for all their visitors. When you get to the establishment early, you may beat the happy hour deadline and get two drinks for the price of one.

The views offered by these restaurants can be summed up with one word; panoramic. All this coupled with unbeatable prices, and excelent service is what makes these establishments popular among visitors and residents of Puerto Vallarta.


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